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quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

Playing into the Future - surviving and thriving

World Conference 2011

Playing into the Future - surviving and thriving

4 - 7 July 2011, Cardiff City Hall, Wales

How do we create a future where playing is valued and where every country and neighbourhood upholds every child's right to time, freedom and a safe enough environment for playing in their own way? 
The 18th conference of the International Play Association offers four days to share evidence, experience and examples of good practice with colleagues from around the world.

Conference themes:

Play – Individual and Social

Play and its contribution to adaptation, healing, resilience, risk-management, social wellbeing, emotional literacy and learning 
Play deprivation, bias and extremes – the effects on children of having no opportunity to play, or only being able to play in a very limited or extreme way and how these effects might be overcome
Play and identity• Play and the playwork approach
Play and the reflective practitioner 

Play – Environment and Space - indoor, outdoor, virtual, urban or rural

The environment, space and time within which playing occurs – is promoted or inhibited – whether planned by adults or not 
Providing environments where children and young people can create and manage risk and uncertainty
The influence physical and emotional environments have on play

Play – Society and Culture

Play and policy making
Freedom to play and the structures of society and communities – social divisions, material divisions, mobility and inequality
Play cultures and folklore
Playing, ethnography and children’s geographies
War, conflict and play

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