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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

CFP - Children and Youth in a Changing World
The 2012 Inter-congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) is a multi-disciplinary international conference on “Children and Youth in a Changing World”. We will examine childhood cross-culturally and historically to gain the richest and best-informed perspective for looking at children in the present and moving forward. The Inter-congress will be organised by the IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Children, Youth and Childhood in Bhubaneswar, India during November 26-30, 2012. The principal aim of this congress is to bring anthropologists in academia, governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and agencies working on and with children from different parts of the world and offer them a common platform to address various emerging issues relating to children and childhood.

  • The Making Of Cultural Identity In The Case Of "Unattached" Children
  • Working with Youth in Intervention Programs
  • Research on Children's Play and Toys in Non-Western or Non-Industrialized Communities: Contributions to Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Persistence and Change in Hunter-Gatherer - Social Leaning, Play and Parenting
  • Panel On Visualizing Children
  • Viewing the Child Through the Lens of Applied Anthropology Programs
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Infancy
  • Relationships Within And Across Generations
  • Ethnography with Children and Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis Across Studies and Contexts
  • Adolescence in Today’s World
  • Authority and freedom: Comparing youth in mainstream and tribal India.
  • Adolescent reproductive and sexual health
  • Ethics and Ethnography with Children: What Offers Anthropology?
  • Teaching Indigenous Children
  • Globalized World, Globalized Childhood? The Theoretical and Practical Relevance of ‘Other Childhoods’ and ‘Other Children’
  • Studies Of Children And Childhood In Latin America - From the Colonial Period To The Present
  • Institutional Regulation of Contemporary Childhood in Spain
  • Migrant Children’s Cultures and the Culture of Migrant Childhoods
  • Cross-Cultural Variation In The Development Of The Child’s Sense of Responsibility
  • The Role Of Electronic Technology in Constructing Youth Culture
  • Children’s Experience of Schools and Classrooms
  • Youth Participation in Ecological Management and Sustainability of Small Islands in a Changing World
  • Managing and Enhancing the Health of infants and Young Children - By Optimizing Care for Young Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • The Lost Generation: Diminishing Sex Ratio in India
  • Bringing up the Girl Child Cross-Culturally
  • The Cultural Politics of Inter-country Adoption
  • Rules, Rewards and Punishments: Disciplining the Child across Cultures
  • Youth, Substance Abuse & Household Relations
  • When the “next generation” is the first generation: An exploration of how changing religious practices and affiliation impact children’s lives and understandings
  • Children’s and Youth’s Participation around the World: Issues for societies in the 21st century
  • Childhood and the Inner Life
  • Global Child and Adolescent Sex Tourism: Issues for Discussion.
  • Rights and Securities of Natural Disaster Affected Children
  • Children in Patrilineal and Matrilineal Societies
  • Children and Childhood in a Changing World
  • Documentary Films on Children and Youth
  • Government Organizations working on and with Children
  • Non-government Organizations working on and with Children
  • Contemporary Youth in a Changing World

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