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terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

Children & Society

Children & Society

Edited By: Allison James, Nigel Thomas and Martin Woodhead
Online ISSN: 1099-0860

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C&S 25th Anniversary Issue

This commemorative ‘virtual’ issue celebrates 25 years of Children & Society by bringing together a selection of papers that we consider among the most significant and influential. The papers highlight some of the changes in the content of the journal, as well as many of the continuities. The changes reflect the shifting social context and policy environment, including social reforms that were shaped in part by work published in Children & Society. The continuities reflect the journal’s core goals: to offer high-quality scholarship on a wide range of childhood issues, with a strong focus on policies and services and an underlying commitment to promote the well-being of children and articulate their place in society.
To read the full editorial, please click below.

Children & Society 25th Anniversary Issue Editorial
Allison James, Nigel Thomas & Martin Woodhead 

Volume 1 - 6:

Family Centres - Bob Holman

New direction in child care - Barbara Kahan
Child witnesses in criminal courts - Rhona Flin
How do we value our children today? as reflected by children's health, health care and policy? - Zarrina Kurtz, John Tomlinson

Volume 7 - 12:

Laws, Conventions and Rights - Michael Freeman

The Child's Need to Learn a Culture - Colwyn Trevarthen
The Ethics of Social Research with Children: An Overview - Virginia Morrow, Martin Richards
Children, Crime, Policy and Practice: Neither Welfare nor Justice - Barry Goldson 

Volume 13 - 18:

Recursive politics: prevention, modernity and social systems - Richard Freeman

Sure Start: the development of an early intervention programme for young children in the United Kingdom - Norman Glass
Pathways to participation: openings, opportunities and obligations - Harry Shier
"Just teach us the skills please, we'll do the rest": empowering ten-year olds as active researchers - Mary Kellett, Ruth Forrest (aged ten), Naomi Dent (aged ten), Simon Ward (aged ten) 

Volume 19-24:

The Masculine Habitus as "Distributed Cognition": A Case Study of 5- to 6- Year-Old Boys in an English Inner-City, Multi-Ethnic Primary School - Paul Connolly
The Sustainability of Substitute Family Care for Children Separated from Their Families by War: Evidence from Mozambique - Helen Charmley
Partners in Power: a Radically Pluralistic Form of Participative Democracy for Children and Young People - Tom Cockburn
The Cycle of Deprivation: Myths and Misconceptions - John Welshman
What's Recreational about "Recreational Rioting"? Children on the Streets of Belfast - Madeleine Leonard
Shifting the Narrative: Child-led Responses to Climate Change and Disasters in El Salvador and the Philippines - Thomas Tanner 

Research review:

Children's talk and social competence - Ian Hutchby 

Policy review:

Pixie-dust and Privacy: What's Happening to Children's Rights in England? - Terri Dowty 

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