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sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

CHILD in the CITY 2012

CHILD in the CITY 2012

Sep 26, 2012 - Sep 28, 2012, Zagreb, Croatia
While playing, the street becomes their street, the square their square, the district their district, the city becomes their city and their domain. The children do not take over the city, they just become part of it. If we are concerned about the future of the city, we must consider how to involve children in its network, and in its economic and social life. And the best way to involve children is through play - children are really experts at playing. The city must create space for them to stimulate their expertise and it can then also profit from this expertise.

This was the reason to set up Child in the City – Conference & Trade Show in 2002 for the first time. In 2012 the 6th edition will take place in Zagreb, Croatia.

>> Watch the 2-minute preview video on this international conference in Zagreb (Croatia). Enthusiastic afterwards? Proceed directly to conference  registration or trade show reservation. Let's meet at Child in the City 2012!

The programme committee of Child in the City 2012 has identified four themes for the 6th international conference. The themes are as follows:
  • Play
    How to plan for the child’s right to play in the child friendly city? Specifically, we want to stress even more the influence of city planning and the need for children to have enough time to play.
  • Children’s rights
    How to implement and communicate children’s rights in the child friendly city? UN-Convention on Children’s Rights is another challenge for child friendly cities. Every citizen should be aware of the importance of this convention and its impact on the local policies.
  • Health
    How to ensure children’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional health in the child friendly city? The challenge of this theme is the integration of these different aspects of health. Besides physical health, there has to be attention for the mental health and even more globally for the social health of children.
  • Intergenerational development
    How to ensure true intergenerational interaction in our child friendly cities? Children don’t want to be an isolated group of citizens as well as other groups (e.g. older people). Therefore the intergenerational theme is more than a decoration, it’s an essential quality of the society.
Those wishing to present a paper (based on one of the themes mentioned above) are invited to submit their abstract. Read more >>>

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