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quinta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2012



AnthropoChildren is an online international Review edited at the University of Liège (Belgium).
The Review publishes original articles in the area of Social and Cultural Anthropology of Children and Childhood. It subscribes to voluntary open access in an attempt to foster debate between academics, students and professionals worldwide.
The importance of long-term fieldwork and participant observation as a scientific process and a singular relation in the construction of subject matter is a starting point for addressing questions and issues on the development of the discipline. However, even if Anthropology of Children and Childhood is a field unto itself, there is no reason to separate it from the other areas within general anthropology (kinship, religion, economics, politics, etc.). The Review aims to bring together various academic traditions so that they may enlighten each other on the basis of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in different social categories and groups, communities, institutions, and societies around the world.

NEIJ - Núcleo de Estudos da Infância e Juventude

Check the Issue 1 - AnthropoChildren January 2012: Anthropology of Childhood and Children worldwide

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