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quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

Centre for Child-focused Anthropological Research - C-FAR

Centre for Child-focused Anthropological Research - C-FAR

Brunel University - London

The Centre for Child-focused Anthropological Research - C-FAR was founded in the Department of Human Sciences at Brunel University in 1999. The Centre was established with a 'seedcom' grant from the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to the Royal Anthopological Institute.


  • To consolidate and build a comparative international approach to child-focused anthropological research.
  • To make this approach applicable to varied settings including those where children are at risk from war, famine, dislocation, abuse, deprivation, physical and mental ill-health.
  • To incorporate and address national and international policy and practices relating to issues such as child labour, education and social welfare, family life and children's rights.
  • To raise the profile of such research, disseminate its findings, and promote their contribution to understanding about how to change children's lives in terms of locally relevant criteria.
  • To inform national debate about issues pertaining to the nature of childhood in the 21stC.

The interests of the Centre are closely associated with the delivery of the Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education MSc. This degree is designed to show postgraduate students how anthropological approaches can be used to gain access to and understand children’s lived experience, their ideas about the world and themselves, and their relations with peers, adults, and the wider society.

Information and image transcribed from the website. Click here to visit.
Informações e imagem retiradas do site. Clique aqui para visitá-lo.

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